Wisdom Teeth Removal: When is the Right Time to Have Yours Extracted?

Wisdom tooth removal or extraction – a common concern. Patients often ask us, “When should I have my wisdom teeth removed?”

Many patients ask Dr. Zachary this question throughout treatment and his answer is always the same: “It depends.” Dr. Zachary has always used strict criteria to determine if wisdom teeth or 3rd molars need to be removed.

A wisdom tooth protrudes outwards from the gumline at the back of the lower teeth.

  • if the wisdom teeth are pathologic or cystic (meaning they look damaging or present like a cyst on an xray),
  • if they are compromising adjacent structures (causing damage to other teeth, for instance),
  • if they are unable to be adequately cleaned if in the mouth,
  • if they have large cavities and/or require extensive restorations.

The timing of wisdom tooth removal is dependent upon many factors as well, and Dr. Zachary works closely with many of the oral surgeons in South Orange County to ensure the proper timing and seamless teamwork on the patient’s behalf.

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Our Annual Blood Drive Was a Big Success!

Riley Zachary, one of our event organizers,              "manning" the welcome table

Dr. Zachary and Dr. White, and all the staff of Zachary Orthodontics, would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those who participated in our 3rd Annual Zachary Orthodontics Blood Drive.

We greatly exceeded expectations for donations! Thanks also to the Red Cross for their professional service, and for all they do.

We’re eagerly looking forward to next year…and our 4th annual blood drive!