Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

BonnieMay is a birthday month at Zachary Orthodontics! Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

Bonnie hails from Mission Viejo where she and her husband (a “top chef”) are raising 3 kids, including two accomplished athletes at Mission Viejo High.

Malcom Elementary School Wine Tasting Raises $15,000

When we’re not in the office with our patients, Zachary Orthodontics is out supporting all of our schools in all districts in South OC. Our schools are one of the mainstays of our community involvement.

Trish and Chris Zachary

Trish and Chris Zachary

LAGUNA NIGUEL – Friends of Malcom volunteer, Trish Zachary, and her husband, Chris Zachary of Zachary Orthodontics, have been helpful for many years in raising money to support John Malcom Elementary School teachers.

Friends of Malcom hosted its fourth annual Wine and Beer Tasting fundraiser on Friday at the Monarch Beach Market. The proceeds totaled more than $15,000 and will be used to fund Resident Support Teachers at John Malcom Elementary School next year.

– From the Orange Count Register, Diana Swanson

One-Stop Orthodontic Care at Zachary Orthodontics

Dr. Zachary and his team are very proud to announce their partnership with Orange County Wellness and Imaging. With the installation of high-tech imaging equipment right in OUR office, will have the ability to capture the most technologically advanced images available when needed.

Our new Kodak 9000 2D imaging unit provides not only important information to us, but greater flexibility and convenience for you. Fewer trips to outside vendors for xrays/films saves our patients and their families time and hassle. At Zachary Orthodontics, our team is constantly striving to make their patients’ experiences the most efficient and most comfortable possible, Our new dental imaging experience is yet another positive step!