Orthodontics and Dental Health – Fun Facts!

Here are some interesting and fun facts about swallowing!

How many times do you swallow every hour?

There was a study done at the University of Minnesota. One hundred twenty-eight (128) dental students participated in the study to determine the relationship between saliva flow and the frequency of swallowing. The students were asked to sit quietly and read for 30 minutes, pushing a button every time they noticed themselves swallowing. The average number of swallows per hour was 122, with a range of swallows per hour from 18 to 400, a huge variation. Saliva flow was greater in men compared to women.

Clinical Implications: the number of times a person swallows each day depends on saliva flow and volume.

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Make It About Mom!

Please join us for a Mother’s Day Celebration, here at Zachary Orthodontics. This special day will take place on Friday May 9th, from 10am – 12 noon.

There will be lots of food and fun, along with 10-minute massages, prizes, and lots of girl talk. We will be raffling off jewelry, a Nordstrom gift card and an Apple iPad Mini. Please bring a friend with you and enjoy some “Mom time” on us!

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Retainers – Do Yours Need Adjustment?

As human beings, our bodies will continue to change throughout our lives. Some of these changes will occur rapidly, and some are almost imperceptible. Changes occur in our eyes, our skin, our hair, our bones, our muscles, and our teeth. Notice that our teeth are not exempt from this natural process, and whether one has worn braces or not, one thing is certain – our teeth will change with time.

To maintain your beautiful smile, it is important to wear removable retainers at night as frequently as it takes to keep them from feeling very tight when they are inserted.

Please contact us if your retainers become loose, lost, broken, or if they need adjustment. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your smile for years to come.