A Note from the Staff About Dr. Zachary…

We should be calling this little article, “All in the Family.”

As so many of you have now experienced, Dr. Zachary continuously honors each of us, his staff members, as we celebrate our years spent in his practice. He generously describes our qualities and contributions as if we were part of his immediate family. He does so at our office, and even here on the website! We would now like to take the opportunity to shine that spotlight back on him…

Dr. Zachary grew up in the San Fernando Valley with mom Dina, dad Tony and sister Joanna. Like so many of your children, he played Little League, more specifically, first base. And, at age 10, there was that one game, that one incredible game! The picture below highlights that time in Dr. Zachary’s life, his uniform, all that hair (!), and the the loving tribute written by his father to his young son, forever saving that moment as a special memory for them both. We hope it touches you the way it has touched us!

As we approach Thanksgiving, we give thanks for Dr. Zachary and for you, the families who have made it possible for us to take part in your life while doing what we love to do!

– The Orthodontic Staff at Zachary Orthodontics

Dr. Zachary and the Triple Play

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