Chewing Gum Responsible for Migraines in Teens

Chewing Gum a Cause of Migraines in TeensA team of researchers recently identified gum-chewing as a cause of migraine and tension headaches in adolescents, according to a study published in Pediatric Neurology.

Thirty teenage patients were asked to simply stop chewing gum for a short period of time. Out of the 30 teenage migraine patients, 26 reported significant improvement and 19 had complete headache resolution. Twenty of the improved patients later agreed to go back to chewing gum, and all of them reported an immediate relapse of symptoms.

June Anniversaries at Zachary Orthodontics

CindyCelebrating another anniversary! This month we celebrate with Cindy as she completes her 22nd year here at Zachary Orthodontics!

Cindy brightens up our office with her positive energy and is an excellent chairside assistant. Happy Anniversary, Cindy!

Dr. Zachary Visits Dana Hills High School

During the month of May, I had the privilege to meet and speak with the students at Dana Hills about a career in Orthodontics!
I want to thank Katie for the invitation and for her very kind words, and for the warm welcome I received from the students in the HMO program (Health and Medical Occupations) – I had a great time sharing perspective with these bright and ambitious teens!

Dr. Zachary

New Conveniences for Our Orthodontics Patients

To better serve our patients, we have implemented a new system at Zachary Orthodontics. Look for the “Request Appointment” button at the top of every website page. Patients and visitors can also find the button on our Facebook page.

We also have initiated a new program for reviews! Please take a minute to add your review! We appreciate your support!

“Make It About Mom” – A Wonderful Day at Zachary Orthodontics!

Congratulations to all our Moms at Dr. Zachary’s “Make It About Mom Day!” The turnout exceeded our expectations – it was great to see everyone! Excellent food, in-chair massages, and meeting new people were great ways to kick off the Mother’s Day weekend.

A special congratulations to our 9 winners! Nine lucky Moms took home a balloon bouquet, a set of jewelry, a Nordstrom gift card, and a Mini iPad! Finally, Dr. Zachary would like to thank his fantastic team who helped organize and run the event…ladies, you are the best!


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Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

South Orange County Orthodontics SpecialistBonnie is our Financial and Insurance Coordinator and has been with Zachary Orthodontics for 8 over years. She has extensive knowledge in the financial department and does an amazing job for our patients. Bonnie and her family are planning a trip to Catalina for her special day. Happy birthday Bonnie! We love having you as part of our team.

Orthodontics and Dental Health – Fun Facts!

Here are some interesting and fun facts about swallowing!

How many times do you swallow every hour?

There was a study done at the University of Minnesota. One hundred twenty-eight (128) dental students participated in the study to determine the relationship between saliva flow and the frequency of swallowing. The students were asked to sit quietly and read for 30 minutes, pushing a button every time they noticed themselves swallowing. The average number of swallows per hour was 122, with a range of swallows per hour from 18 to 400, a huge variation. Saliva flow was greater in men compared to women.

Clinical Implications: the number of times a person swallows each day depends on saliva flow and volume.

If you know any family or friends who are looking for excellent orthodontics in a warm and comfortable environment, please pass Dr. Zachary’s name along. We look forward to providing the best orthodontic care possible.

Make It About Mom!

Please join us for a Mother’s Day Celebration, here at Zachary Orthodontics. This special day will take place on Friday May 9th, from 10am – 12 noon.

There will be lots of food and fun, along with 10-minute massages, prizes, and lots of girl talk. We will be raffling off jewelry, a Nordstrom gift card and an Apple iPad Mini. Please bring a friend with you and enjoy some “Mom time” on us!

mom-event-2014Just give us a call, or let us know at appointment time if you plan to join us, as we are looking forward to celebrating with you! Please follow us on Facebook, e-mail or our monthly newsletter for more details. Or call us at our office at 949-831-5500.

Retainers – Do Yours Need Adjustment?

As human beings, our bodies will continue to change throughout our lives. Some of these changes will occur rapidly, and some are almost imperceptible. Changes occur in our eyes, our skin, our hair, our bones, our muscles, and our teeth. Notice that our teeth are not exempt from this natural process, and whether one has worn braces or not, one thing is certain – our teeth will change with time.

To maintain your beautiful smile, it is important to wear removable retainers at night as frequently as it takes to keep them from feeling very tight when they are inserted.

Please contact us if your retainers become loose, lost, broken, or if they need adjustment. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your smile for years to come.

(Orthodontics) Brackets Just for You!

Safe, quality orthodontics is practiced at Zachary Orthodontics! Let’s talk about “brackets,” just in time for March Madness and your other brackets!

For your knowledge and comfort, we at Zachary Orthodontics want you to know that all of our brackets, used in our office, come directly from the manufacturer, in tamper-evident, single-use packaging. This way you can be sure that the braces are always new, and will only be used for you. For the protection of your teeth, we also use a sealant, which is placed directly underneath a bracket to ensure that the tooth surface underneath is totally protected. You’re in good hands!

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