Factors Affecting Tooth Decay and Dental Health

http://www.freedigitalphotos.netBrushing and flossing, filling cavities, preventing tooth decay, orthodontic care, extractions and root canals. For all but a lucky few, our teeth will require constant maintenance for life, and not all teeth are created equal. So let’s talk a little bit about the “root” of the problem!

In a typical family with three children, two of them may have perfect teeth, yet the third one is prone to dental problems. According to Dr. Lawrence Kotlow, a board-certified dentist, says that only about 2% of our population are born with a “get-out-of-cavities-free card.”

There is something in our saliva that protects our teeth from decay. There are many factors that can cause decay or cavities in teeth. Not just lack of brushing or eating to many sweets, but the anatomy of the tooth, deep fissures and pitted teeth can also weaken the enamel. Teeth that are crowded, mouth breathing and asthmatic behavior can contribute to cavities as well.

There are no hard and fast rules, and no firm truths that apply to every patient. The best advice for the other 98% of us, who face the risk of cavities? Be aware of the sugars in the foods you eat, from candy bars to milk, and to be sure to brush, or at least rinse with water, after every meal. A good foundation, the result of orthodontics, is also important to keep the teeth healthy. And, be sure to schedule your regular dental visit.

Dr. Zachary

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