One of Dr. Zachary’s Family Members Gets Press!

Marley, The Zachary Family Dog


Congratulations to Marley, Dr. Zachary’s family dog, chosen from over 950 entries for the Judge’s Pick!

Please note: No lizard was hurt during this photo shoot:)

Marley, a 5-year-old King Charles cavalier spaniel from Laguna Niguel, caught the Register judges’ eye with his proud expression as he carried a squirmy lizard.

Apparently Marley is quite the hunter and routinely catches birds, butterflies and even rats. “He has a lot of allergies and gets sick if he eats food he shouldn’t, so he’s on a special diet,” says owner Tricia Zachary. “I think he catches these things to get better tasting food than he gets at home.”

Read the whole story in the Orange County Register.

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