Three Most Common Questions from Parents About Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontists hear these three (3) questions often from parents:

#3: What if my child still has baby teeth? Should he or she still see an orthodontist?
A: Yes. By age 7, enough permanent teeth have erupted for Dr. Zachary to evaluate how the teeth and jaws meet, and to identify current or developing problems.

#2: How do parents know if their child needs orthodontic treatment?
A: The best and easiest way is to visit Dr. Zachary. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children have a check-up by age 7. No referral from a dentist is necessary.

And the most common question from parents…

#1: Why is orthodontic treatment important?
A: Straight teeth and properly aligned jaws contribute to good dental health as well as overall physical health. Orthodontic treatment can boost a person’s self-image as teeth, lips, and jaws move into position and improve appearance.

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