Treatment Options

Orthodontics in Orange CountyThere are a number of wonderful benefits to gain from having orthodontic treatment. In addition to gaining a beautiful smile, improved self-esteem comes with the confidence in knowing that your smile is at its best!

People who have completed orthodontic treatment have an easier time removing the plaque and bacteria that naturally occurs in our mouths. This easier cleaning means fewer cavities, less gum disease, fewer crowns, less wear on the enamel…all important factors in maintaining optimum dental health.

Medical benefits can also be realized. Studies have clearly shown the positive heart health benefits of having teeth that are easier to keep clean, thereby reducing plaque and bacteria in the blood stream. Teeth in their proper positions also allow you to chew your food better, thus aiding in proper digestion and possibly fewer gastric disorders. Your investment in orthodontic treatment allows you to achieve a beautiful smile and much, much more!

Our Philosophy & Mission

It is the stated purpose and objective of our orthodontic team to provide the best possible orthodontic treatment and service to each and every patient and family in our practice.

We will endeavor to be courteous and professional to those we serve. We will endeavor to offer a warm yet professional environment in which each patient feels comfortable and respected.

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